Trabajo situado en: ReachJobs ( )
Empresa: N/D
Número de vacantes: 50
Requisitos: The employer takes pride the providing the best education services to his children. For that purpose exclusive educational programs developed for every age level including infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Most importantly, at the heart of every project and activity, there's a specially trained teacher and an age-appropriate curriculum to lead the way. Because children learn differently than adults, they need hands-on experiences and get-on-the-floor teachers.
Main requirements: . EU nationality . Bachelor Degree in Early Years Education (0. 6) . Mandatory . Natural passion for working with children and developing them . Working knowledge of health and safety . Good knowledge of EYFS . Working Knowledge and understanding of equal opportunities . Good and professional communication skills . Ability to work as part of a team . Good Level of English – written and spoken . Immediate Availability

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